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Alriyan Nature & Herbs Product

Brand: Alriyan Group
Discover the newest superfood from Mother Nature! To function properly, our bodies require a wide range of minerals, vitamins, and trace elements. Sea moss, often known as the collagen of the sea, is naturally rich in minerals and nutrients. It's simple to use into homemade nut milks, soups, smoothi..
Brand: Alriyan Group
Rosewater is made by steam distilling rose petals. Rosewater has a pleasant scent, and it's occasionally used as a natural alternative to chemical-laden fragrances. Thousands of years have passed since rose water was first utilized, especially during the Middle Ages. It has a long history of usage i..
Brand: Alriyan Group
Himalayan Pink Salt is unrefined, natural, and pure. Our Himalayan Pink salt is halal and suitable for food preparation, and it includes 84 trace minerals that support a healthy lifestyle.What is Himalayan Pink Salt? - Himalayan Pink Salt is made up of old water beds that were buried in lava million..
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